Abstract Topics

Number Topic
01aAesthetics: Face lift
01bAesthetics: Fat grafting
02Apnoea and Sleep Surgery
03aCraniofacial Deformity: Cleft
03bCraniofacial Deformity: Syndromic
03cCraniofacial Deformity: Embryology
04aMedication and Radiation Induced Necrosis of the Jaws
04bDrug and Radiation Induced Necrosis of the Jaws: ORN
05Evidence Based Practice
06History and Art of CranioMaxilloFacial Surgery
07aMaterials: Osteosyntesis
07bMaterials: Novel Materials
09aNasal & Ear Surgery: Rhinoplasty
09bNasal & Ear Surgery: Aesthetic
09cNasal & Ear Surgery: Post Traumatic
09dNasal & Ear Surgery: Otoplasty
10Navigation, Simulation and Imaging
11aOncology: Surgery
11bOncology: Non-Surgical Treatments
12aOral Pathology: Benign
12bOral Pathology: Malignant
13Oral Surgery 
​14​​Oral Medicine 
15aOrbital Surgery: Trauma
15bOrbital Surgery: Decompression
15cOrbital Surgery: Pathology
16aOrthognathic: Distraction
16bOrthognathic: Access
16cOrthognathic: Techniques
18aProsthetic Surgery: Preprosthetic
18bProsthetic Surgery: Implants
19aReconstruction: Oncology
19bReconstruction: Microvascular
19cReconstruction: Post traumatic 
19dReconstruction: Facial paralysis
20aSalivary Gland Disease: Diagnosis
20bSalivary Gland Disease: Management
20cSalivary Gland Disease: Minimally Invasive
21aSkin Surgery: Benign
21bSkin Surgery: Malignancy
22aSkull Base: Pathology
22bSkull Base: Access
23aTemporopmandibular Joint: Pathology
23bTemporopmandibular Joint: Surgery
23cTemporopmandibular Joint: Diagnosis
24Tissue Engineering and Cell Therapy
25aTrauma: Mid Face
25bTrauma: Mandible
25cTrauma: Craniofacial
26aVasular Lesions of the Head and Neck: Diagnosis
26bVasular Lesions of the Head and Neck: Management

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